Don’t be a cog in the content machine

Blogpost burnout? For digital marketers, producing a never-ending stream of clickable content can get tiring. Here are four tips for keeping afloat in a digital ocean and staying human when creating.

Illustration by Bogdan Magenta from Icons8

#1 Play to your weaknesses

National star-spangled banner centennial, Baltimore, Maryland, September 6 — 13, 1914.

Here are 15 questions to determine whether you’re being surveilled by the Illuminati sympathizing, new world order wishing, shapeshifting lizard-loving, elite-serving administration.

Earlier this month, Google officially rolled out its highlight search result function.

What is it?

What does it add to Google’s UX?

Received this in the post on Friday. Not sure what to make of it.

Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve had some time away from prying eyes. We should follow Brian Blessed’s example — and not be guilted into feeling any worse than we already do.

(@brianblessed via Twitter.)

Another day in your neighborhood.

The not-too-distant future, where the COVID-19 vaccine didn’t exactly pan out…

Still the best day hiking all-rounder

Why you should trust my opinion

Joe Hitchcock

Freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada. Posting odds and ends that never made it to print.

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