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A few months ago, conversations about the AI takeover resurfaced once again, when OpenAI released their new language tool. …

Here are 15 questions to determine whether you’re being surveilled by the Illuminati sympathizing, new world order wishing, shapeshifting lizard-loving, elite-serving administration.

Count the number of times your personal liberties align with the privacy-intruding statements below, and discover your current level of threat to the global cabal.

  1. I got this new documentary sent to me on the Whatsapp. It’s called Plandemic. Pretty clever name.

Earlier this month, Google officially rolled out its highlight search result function.

It’s subtle enough to miss, but from June of this year, if you click on the featured snippet of a Google search, Google will automatically scroll a destination webpage and highlight your search result in yellow, pointing out the information it thinks best answers your query, directly on the page.

Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve had some time away from prying eyes. We should follow Brian Blessed’s example — and not be guilted into feeling any worse than we already do.

(@brianblessed via Twitter.)

It’s not insensitive to find moments of positivity within a horrible situation. In fact, it should be encouraged — especially if you’re feeling down.

If you are struggling for a silver lining during the pandemic, here’s a suggestion: use this time of minor reclusion to be freely, unashamedly, unconcernedly yourself.

Another day in your neighborhood.

Or herd immunity didn’t happen quite as was suggested. Or antibody tests were found to indicate nothing more than political preference. Or any number of terrible things combined to make reinfection a real and total bummer.

Although COVID-19 peaked and faded (and your neighborhood, like the rest of the world…

Still the best day hiking all-rounder

If you’re okay with investing in an item to last multiple seasons, you won’t be disappointed. The Atom SL comes out on top against pretty much any other light, technical, water-resistant jacket out there

Being in Vancouver BC, I’m lucky to have access to a bunch of world-class trails and…

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Freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada. Posting odds and ends that never made it to print.

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